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2011 Saucy Mama Party

2011 Saucy Mama Party

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Hello, friends! Colette here. As I mentioned in our last post, last week was a busy one here at Barhyte. Although it’s still bustling around here (it’s crunch time for taste-testing the last of our contest recipes), I thought I would take a minute to share my experience with our annual Saucy Mama Party that took place on Thursday. It is held here in Portland as a party purchased from an auction for a local school. We estimated about 30+ people in attendance this year.

If I’m remembering correctly, I am pretty sure that one of my very first days of work at Barhyte Specialty Foods last year was the day of the 2010 Saucy Mama Party. I remember meeting the “real” Saucy Mama- Suzie Barhyte- and being a bit nervous that I was going to help her cook and prepare for this party! I had just graduated from Oregon State, and my cooking skills were quite limited — Top Ramen, cereal, and quesadillas were my staples. But I somehow survived, and the food didn’t burn (or the house, for that matter!). You can take a look at the video I made from last year’s party also…although I like to think my video editing skills have gotten better since then!

This year, I felt a bit more prepared for the party. I had a year of basic cooking under my belt, and I decided to treat my all-day cooking affair with Suzie as a great opportunity to learn some techniques from a very skilled chef. I felt sort of like a sous-chef or perhaps Suzie’s apprentice. She taught me lots of basics: a better way to cut bell peppers, how to blanch vegetables, and what it meant to get something to “nappe” consistency. In the photo below, you can see us preparing one of the appetizers as guests started to arrive.

Are you wondering about the menu yet? Well, besides some classic appetizers we prepared – baked jalapeno artichoke dip, hot wings, and a veggie tray- we also decided that the party would be a great opportunity for us to make and test some of our Fab With Five contest recipes, and they all got great reviews:

For the main course, we made an Asian noodle salad, steak sandwiches with sauteed onions and peppers, and a spinach salad with blue cheese, raspberries, and toasted pecans. And you can’t forget the drinks! Suzie concocted a bubbly champagne mixed drink and offered a selection of wine and beer as well.

Overall, it was a fantastic day, and I am so appreciative of the experience. I would also like to thank our awesome PR gal, Kelly, for all her help with cooking, errands, decorating, and of course, taking some beautiful photos! Make sure you take a look at our party album :-)

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