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Saucy Mama's Announcements!

Saucy Mama's Announcements!

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We’re BACK! From the Fancy Food Show, that is. And you know what that means…

It’s time to share our San Francisco adventures and all the awesome products we found!

But first, let’s back it up a bit and cover the exciting announcements made at the Saucy Mama booth last weekend:

1) Saucy Mama has released THREE new mustards: Dill, Hatch Chili, and Creamy Garlic! These are available for purchase on our website (However, please excuse the photos. We’re still waiting to get our professional ones back!). Read the press release.

2) Suzie’s Yellow Mustard has undergone the rigorous certification process to become USDA ORGANIC. Read the press release.

3) Saucy Mama Dips have been re-released with a new-and-improved recipe! Read the press release.

Oh, and about those awesome products we found? Stay tuned…we’ll post that next week!