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Introducing: Total Domination Wing Sauces!

Introducing: Total Domination Wing Sauces!

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As the rugged Cascades dominate the Pacific Northwest landscape, Total Domination Wing Sauces dominate your taste buds. Crammed full of flavor, these versatile sauces kick any dish up a notch. 

Barhyte Specialty Foods is ready to dominate the nation with the launch of a new brand: Total Domination Wing Sauces. Featuring five new flavors, the line is meant to complement Americans’ obsession with chicken wings-- it was predicted that Americans would eat 1.3 billion chicken wings during the week of Super Bowl 50! But the sauces are much more versatile than the name suggests, pairing well with all types of meat, seafood and even vegetables. Total Domination Wing Sauces made their debut at the 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York.

Barhyte hired a local designer to create different label options for the new brand. Inspired by the look of labels in Oregon’s booming craft beer industry, the wing sauce label design feels high-end, crisp and clean. It’s both simple, yet powerful, as a name like “Total Domination” provokes. Says company CEO, Chris Barhyte, of the Total Domination brand, “We wanted to create a label that was going to be fun and fit in with the feel of local craft breweries in our state. Beer and wings go well together, so it’s a perfect match.”

Inspired partially by the unique flavors of the Pacific Northwest, the brand will initially include five sauces in varying degrees of spiciness, which is displayed on each label’s “heat bar”:

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