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Vegas, World Food Championships & Food Fight, Oh My!

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Well, we survived another trip to Vegas...

Hello, Saucies! Colette here. Suzie, MaryAlice and I are home from our fabulous trip to the World Food Championships (WFC) and the Food Fight Write Conference (FFW), and we have some awesome highlights for you all. We spent a full four days in Las Vegas where the events took place, and although we miss our foodie friends dearly, we're also happy to be back home in the Land of Mustard (and ample sleep!). If you're just now tuning in, check out our prior posts about WFC and FFW and our involvement with each. You can also check out our recap of last year's trip!

Food Fight Write

As sponsors of this first-ever conference, we had our Saucy Mama logo placed on both the fun lanyards and bags that attendees wore. It was a neat and easy way to meet people; when anyone asked who we were, we could just say that we're with Saucy Mama!

We had a welcome breakfast on Thursday morning where we met many great bloggers and other sponsors. In addition to a yummy buffet lineup, they had these fun mini cocktails for us! What a score. Azzure Vodka- another sponsor- provided the Vodka, which was delicious.

There were many great speakers and conference sessions, and although we spent much of our time down watching WFC, we were able to make it to a great master session taught by Justin Fox Burks about food photography with smartphones. Beth Peterson (pictured with us above), founder of the conference and social food site Yummie Nation, did a wonderful job organizing this event!

World Food Championships

Our first saucy gal competing at WFC was our 2014 Saucy Mama Contest Winner, Karen Harris of Savoury Table. She made her Saucy Mama winning sandwich for her first round, which was just as fabulous as the first time we tried it! In the second round, we got to try something new with kale, bacon, tomato, steak, the most scrumptious cheese, and these candied nuts...the sandwich was seriously amazing! Karen placed 13th overall, and we couldn't be prouder of her!

Next up, our local Vegas girls - Christie and Julie of team Viva Las Burger- competed in the burger category with their fabulously fancy "Last Call Burger", which literally had wine, beer and bourbon components throughout. My favorite part was the awesome bacon "stick" which held the burger together. Oh, and the flaky, light homemade beer-battered onion rings weren't bad either :-) The team's second burger featured category sponsor Red Robin's patties and buns and an Italian theme with pesto and tomato. It was incredible. The team placed 24th in this packed, tough category full of restaurant owners and professional chefs. We were thrilled with the team's performance!

Good Eats and Great Foodie Friends

Of course we ate very well while in Vegas, too. Some of our favorite meals included a delicious seafood dinner at the Golden Nugget's Chart House (complete with Lava Cake for dessert!) and a swanky steak dinner at the Four Queen's Hugo's Cellar. One of our favorite parts of Hugo's Cellar was the "DIY" salad guy that prepared each of our salads to our liking with fun "fixins" right at the table. Our lunch at Carson's Kitchen was also spectacular... I mean, how can you go wrong with fresh gin and cucumber cocktails or fried chicken skins with honey?! Simply amazing. Big shout out to Vegas-local Christie for that gem!

The best part of this trip, though, is the incredibly fabulous foodie community (try saying that five times fast!). It was fun to reconnect with many of the awesome people we met last year and make so many new friends, too. It's so amazing how supportive this network really is. Although many of these people are competing against each other, they're also cheering for each other! There is happiness for others' successes and sorrow for their losses; it's truly inspiring. We really enjoyed meeting each and every awesome person last week in Las Vegas....we'll never forget it!

Check out our Facebook album or Instagram for more photos from the trip, and thanks for reading along!

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